Saturday, October 3, 2009


It started as X
like a kiss
and became X
like Tic Tac Toe
just to win
then became “eee” x
like axed
not even e-people
in remote e-chat or e- mail.
Just “e” “x”; small letters.
There're ex-mother-in-laws, ex-wives, ex-friends
but no ex fathers, ex-sisters
or ex-kids,
never our kids.
just the kids; my kids.
There’s ex-her friends, ex-my friends,
ex-people ex-I once loved or is that
And ex-who ex-loved ex-me.
So the weddings are over
and we see ex-persons at funerals
to create ex-chances to exchange amends
if we would
before we expire
and don’t exhale
even if we’re exhumed.
Excuse this exposition.
What’d you expect?


Ex-fathers said...

When they take your kid you're an ex-father.

Ex-fathers said...

When they take your kid, you're an ex-father.

Cathy said...

"x-persons at funerals" what a unique use of word-pairings. Enjoy your use of tempe, makes it easy to read the harder things - when applying them to oneself of course lol. Thanks for your comment, I've been ill but coming round, and hope to blog on that question I asked. "No choice" you're the only one who pointed that out, when it was o-so-obvious.


as an ex myself, i found your ex-cerpt very intriguing - great ex-verse! thanks so much for coming by and following along at one of my places -